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What is Forest School?

A Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers a range of learning opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on experiences in a woodland environment. It allows children to become comfortable with an outdoor approach to promote their education and play.

The development of the Forest School began in Britain in the mid 1990’s and was based on the idea which considers children's contact with nature to be extremely important.

What activities will the children take part in?

Each Forest School is unique, you can design it to meet the needs of the group and to fit the environment you are in.Tools are used in Forest Schools in a traditional woodland manner and are introduced gradually with a structured safety base that your children will become familiar with.

Tools that will be introduced are: Billhook / Bow saw / Loppers / Sheath knife

The children will take part in team building games which will show their social and confidence skills such as ‘meet a tree’.

What we intend to do?

We as a nursery have created an area which has been transformed into a forest, giving the children access to a forest environment daily. The children will be given the chance to explore Swithland Woods which we will be exploring alongside.

Tools are currently in the progress of being researched and bought along with appropriate clothing and footwear for children and practitioner's ready for discovering the environment in a safe way. A Level 3 Forest School practitioner will constantly evaluate individual's progress and re-adjust activities to meet each child's requirement's.

Daily risk assessments will be carried out to ensure the safety of the chosen area. The Forest School practitioner will also make sure that safety rules, procedures, tool rules and boundaries are explained to the children at an appropriate level to their age and stage of development.

Research on Forest Schools

Time spent outdoors has a positive effect on children's health. Research shows that by regularly taking part in Forest School activities, children of all abilities make better progress in:

Physical Motor Skills. Language and Communication Skills. Social Skills and Team Building Skills. Knowledge and Understanding of the Environment.