Child Funding

helping with the costs

As a Nursery Group we accept the government funding for children aged 3 and 4 years, provided through Leicestershire County Council. The Government provide vouchers for up to five sessions each week during the school term time. The funding calendar runs adjacent to that of the academic School year of 38 weeks.

Each funded session is three hours long and can be taken from 8.30am to 11.30am or 12.00pm to 3.00pm. We can offer greater flexibility to these sessions, depending upon vacancies and staff ratios, however this must be arranged on an individual basis.

Parents may use all five vouchers at one provision or alternatively they may be split between two providers.

We will calculate the number of funded hours your child will receive each month, and this will be shown as free entitlement on your account statement. This total will vary each month as certain weeks are not eligible as they are outside the school term. If a child attends for funded time only the parents will not have to pay any additional fees. The Nursery is open 51 weeks in the year, 13 weeks more than the funded terms. If the child attends in addition to the funded hours the parents will pay for each additional hour and lunch and/or tea, which will be charged at the hourly rate applicable to each setting. (Please refer to the fees structure for the nursery of your choice).

The Government has provided the funding on the basis that each child attends when the parents have said they will. Parents will be asked to complete a registration form indicating the hours the child will attend. If the child is booked in for an afternoon session they must be at Nursery by 12.00pm and must stay until 3.00pm, if they are booked in for a morning session they must be at Nursery by 8.30am and stay until 11.30am. If your child is absent you will be asked to sign the non-attendance log sheet. The council carry out regular checks and if any child is found to be consistently late or absent the council will reclaim any monies paid to the Nursery in respect of the child. The Nursery will then require payment from the parent to cover the loss.

Registration can be undertaken once we are in receipt of a copy of your Child’s birth certificate and a signed parental statement of undertaking has been completed. In the case of non-attendance, parents will be charged for the amounts reclaimed under the terms and conditions of Grant Funding. The Nursery Manager must ensure that all children receiving funding attends in line with their registration forms and that any absences or late attendance are dealt with immediately.